Telecom Case Study:

Wired Infrastructure: Wired Infrastructure Networks are usually designed for a 40+ years of usable service operations and same goes with servicing Equipment Infrastructure usability.To maintain legacy infrastructure, its operations and Management Services is expensive and can never be justified for Service revenues.

Wireless Infrastructure​: Many Wireless Telco’s worldwide have evolved from 2G to current day 5G.It is expensive to maintain and manage legacy Systems than modern systems. Legacy systems need dedicated traffic Channels for Operations and Management and have to endure the cost of Congestion. Remote Endpoint Module Intelligence will avoid back and forth messaging and Provide a Seamless low latency decision making. Vendors/Manufacturers and Telco’s can focus on their main activity and offload Operations and Management activity on NasPros.

Railways Case Study:

Legacy control Systems: Most of the legacy control systems were based on PLC and proprietary deployments of which most of them are low speed legacy communications and need very expensive communications infrastructure like VSAT, dedicated fiber and long distance wireless/Wired Modems. Conventionally, this infrastructure does not benefit on modern communication infrastructure due to non availability of bridging devices. NasPros provides those nbridging devices.

Signal Management: In the current systems, dependency of manual intervention leads to cascaded delay ranging from seconds to hours and also it is difficult to pinpoint root cause of the cascade effect. Multilevel automation with control feedback will determine in pinpointing these cascade effects. Thanks to Time Domain Cross-Sectional Layered Analysis. NasPros system easily identifies the root cause and mitigates at source and isolate the problem by using probability of cascade.

Operational Management: very efficient rail network leads to optimal use of resources, reduces operational cost, encourages travel, reduces inventory holding cost and increase safety records. NasPros have low latency I​nline Decision Queue Management System​ which results in optimal operational management.

Lifecycle and Inventory Management: for a distributed inventory management, managing your inventory is important, but managing your inventory on time to the fault location is crucial in a service oriented industry. NasPros provides shortest lead on available time and inventory from the closest possible location.

Maintenance Control: Based on previous history NasPros predicts preventive maintenance and finds possible fault location.

Automated / Seamless futureproof Upgrades: NasPros provides capabilities to future technological upgrades seamlessly which will accelerate time to market, save money and easily integrate with other systems.