As time progress Maintaining Legacy hardware is a Tricky and daunting task to maintain Team and experienced people and compiling to standards norms. We at NAS Pros have solved the problem by creating a End Point Management Bridge Module which enables any Legacy Equipment to State of the Art Cloud and AI Infrastructure. All Positions and Data is directly Streamed to Cloud Over the Air Over Wired Ethernet or Serial Interface . All Data from the End Point Module to the Network is Encrypted to AES256 with a Revolving KEY Management. Providing a Timeless management services.Complementing Multi Vendor O&M system Integration for Artificial Intelligence .

Introducing Nas Bridge

  • Modules is based on FPGA(Zynq®-7000 ArtixTM-7) with Embedded ARM core processor with a RTOS, Hardwired Security Crypto Core, Factory Setup Revolving KEY management with on Board Battery.
  • The Modules support Various EGRESS and INGRESS Interfaces, Board Side Interface include I2C , SPIO ,SDIO , EBI/EMI, USB OTG Instrumentation Analog, supporting Any standard up to 5V Pull Up or Pull Down Interfaces, all Interface are Easy to configure from a GUI and Have 5V Tolerant .
  • And on the EGRESS side ETHERNET , OPTICAL( SFP) , SERIAL , USB , Wireless MODEM , Bluetooth , WIFI , ZIGBEE and BLE.