• Modules is based on FPGA(Zynq®-7000 ArtixTM-7) with Embedded ARM core processor with a RTOS, Hardwired Security Crypto Core, Factory Setup Revolving KEY management with on Board Battery.
  • The Modules support Various EGRESS and INGRESS Interfaces, Board Side Interface include I2C , SPIO ,SDIO , EBI/EMI, USB OTG Instrumentation Analog, supporting Any standard up to 5V Pull Up or Pull Down Interfaces, all Interface are Easy to configure from a GUI and Have 5V Tolerant .
  • And on the EGRESS side ETHERNET , OPTICAL( SFP) , SERIAL , USB , Wireless MODEM , Bluetooth , WIFI , ZIGBEE and BLE.

Various Telecom Equipment Providers by Region and Nas-Bridge Compatibility:

USA & Canada

Nokia Siemens Network,Ericsson,Nortel,Lucent,Bell,AT&T,CISCO,Juniper,Proximus,Andrew,Motorola


Nokia Siemens Network,Alcatel,Ericsson , Siemens


Huawei,ZTE Corporation,Datang Telecom Group,UTStarcom


Samsung, ETRI , NEC,Fujitsu,Docomo,KDDI , Ad Links, C-Dot,Tejas-Networks, ST , ECI Telecom